hi, i'm pieter!
I'm a graphic designer, with a passion for visual storytelling. I like to think of myself as a conceptual and creative spirit; a strategic, yet pragmatic thinker.
I love working with people who love what they're doing and collaborate to bring their vision to life. Ideal clients would include (but are not limited to) smaller entities, with a local and/or sustainable focus, and a clear point of view.
I’m a self-taught graphic designer with a Masters degree in Art History and have been playing around with photoshop since a young age. I have working experience in graphic design, online marketing, retail and hospitality . Places where I've experienced first hand and learned from the pitfalls of bad graphic design. It has taught me the real value of a user-centered approach, over an excessive aesthetic approach or lack thereof. I’m always looking for that sweet spot, where form and function meet.
I've recently gotten into analogue photography (click). But my absolute favourite thing to do is eat is my own homemade lasagna and share it with my husband.
I'm open for business, so let's talk.
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