Bookake is a queer bookclub held at KAKE in Berlin.  They came to me and asked for a visual identity and gave me complete creative freedom to come up with an identity system for their monthly gathering where they would read and discuss a text on queer or gender politics.
As this is a not not-for-profit event the deliverables had to be set up in such a way that they could alter the visuals themselves in Illustrator (Insert titles, change colours, update text etc etc) for each new edition. To achieve this I sourced materials (images & fonts) that fall under creative commons or free to use license.
The result is a design identity that uses bright colors and big typography over paintings of people reading, paired with a striking bold diagonal line. The simplicity of the design allows for a modular set up which is easy modified, yet is striking and creates an easily recognizable identity.
I created these mockups as an expansion on the brief to show how this modular design could translate to other uses like business cards, flyers, notebooks, stationairy,...

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